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    ´╗┐Non-GMO corn gluten meal /feed Feed grade for sale animal feed poultry feed
    Corn gluten meal is the by-product of starch factory after produced corn starch. powder, golden. Its raw material is corn, by peeling, crashing, deslagging , and extracting starch and then concentrate, dried the yellow water to get protein products. This corn gluten feed for sale is rich in protein and amino acids,can encourage disease-resistant ability of the livestock. and be used as animal feed ,poultry feed in feed grade . Our Non -GMO corn gluten meal compared with industrial fish meal and soybean cake, it has strong advantage in resource, high feeding value, no harmful substances, do not need further processing, can be directly used as plant protein source.
    NameCorn Gluten Meal
    Protein Content (dry basis)50%min55%min60%min
    Moisture (dry basis)12% max12% max12% max
    Crude Fat (dry basis)10% max8% max5% max
    Crude Fiber (dry basis)5% max4% max3% max
    Crude Ash (dry basis)4% max3% max3% max
    Lutein180mg/g min
    Package: 50 kg woven plastic bag or paper plastic bag
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Storage: Store it at a dry and cool place without direct sun lightcorn gluten feed factory