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Finally, the long anticipated collaborative project from OE’s Cam Archer and Jay Kasai has arrived.

Those who know hear them often on their Midnight Run Podcast, usually with OE comrade Tru Speech. It’s satisfying as a longtime follower of both their music and podcast to hear a well put together collection of songs from this team.

If it’s hard being them, you wouldn’t know it by how they meet expectations. It’s kind of a perfect balance of Kasai Tape 3 / SpiritGunner in its sound, courtesy of the Wizards of MFin’ Oz themselves Nabeyin & Oh Gosh Leotus, (also with at least one dope ass Nicklaus Gray beat in the playlist) in my opinion and it absolutely is executed at the level as their other recent work. I found myself thinking, “well what the fuck else could they do but continue to deliver this kind of thing well?” in the sense that delivering anything else would be met with distaste. I would feel boxed in by that but they walk the tightrope admirably AF.

One way this piece is distinct is the smoothly stitched together “radio broadcast” packaging of this funky, barful, and immaculately produced rap-duo record. It’s fun, funny and the jokes about the prizes the callers win get me every time. If these guys want to go in other directions in future works, and this indie rap journalist has heard hints of these hints at times fwiw, they’ve certainly earned it but I suspect as long as they want to continue to give us the best possible version of exactly what we were hoping to get when we got their album we will be here for it.

  • Note: MNR is available on all services but I recommend the bandcamp link embedded above for the bonus version with 4 extra tracks.

Tristan "Tanjint Wiggy" Acker is a staff writer for ZusEntertainment, a Jooseboxx and Untapped Hip-Hop contributor, and member of the Inland Empire, California based nerdculture hip-hop group the West Coast Avengers

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