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New videos from the artists of the Cry Later tour

Zzay and Maya Huyana of the So Cal touring experience "Cry Later" have released two new peep-worthy visuals and y'all should check it out.

By Mobious1ne and Muds One (One is apparently no longer the loneliest number, yes I'm old why do you ask) Zzay's new video is among the first of a crop of recent East of the River Network music videos that were filmed throughout Europe. The video is eye-popping in that regard, these hip-hop kids have always had a wild aesthetic sense and you won't be disappointed in the spots and locales Zzay tours you through here but what truly stunned me is the composition and complexity but still smooth momentum of this song. It's beautiful, layered, has more sections to it than you'd expect but still not so many that the song is so busy...Zzay is not going to stop growing as a craftswoman of music and I look forward to more songs this brilliantly composed.

The first visual from Seafoam since the EP's release, "Shearing Sheep", by Louise Lee is a fun and bright delivery device for these borz over a fire-ass piano sample beat that even though I heard before on the album still sounded newly fresh as it soundtracked the video. Yah seems to put great care into every aesthetic aspect of her work's presentation and she kills it in different I.E. contexts throughout this piece. I loved the coinciding of her "city girl/country grammar" lyric and the equestrian shots; it's the little details and how they come together that sets her work apart in addition to her being a stellar vocalist and songwriter.

Peep both these lethal ladies as well as the nomad Bonnie Blue at the above listed towns as the summer falls on the Cry Later tour!

Tristan "Tanjint Wiggy" Acker is a staff writer for Zus Entertainment, a Jooseboxx and Untapped Hip-Hop contributor, and member of the Inland Empire, California based nerdcore hip-hop group the West Coast Avengers

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