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NOTIZ YONG - Fair Enough

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In succession, Yong has dropped two projects that for me join the ranks of my other favorite album by him, Dear Rappers…. First BRB and now Fair Enough. BRB was his great leap for me in terms of showing how his actual rap skills keep growing and he was no slouch before. It’s a thing to behold: his melodic snarl finds a young man grappling with the working class realities of fatherhood, family, art and a cold world that too often doesn’t care. “Fair enough” he says, I think, about the chance we get at this life here in Inland California: it’s not a great chance, it’s not the worst chance, it’s fair enough.

The world needs poets of beauty to share that window into life and Notiz is nothing if not honest. I notice threes are heavy in the song framings here: “All I Know”, “Drag Me Out”, “FTP”. Notiz is finding his mathematical equilibrium which is hippie for: the work sounds effortless and metric in the best way. He produced every track here, one with Theez his mic collaborator on “Drag Me Out”, a catchy standout on this album and as ever, growth is apparent.

Tristan "Tanjint Wiggy" Acker is a staff writer for Zus Entertainment, a Jooseboxx and Untapped Hip-Hop contributor, and member of the Inland Empire, California based nerdcore hip-hop group the West Coast Avengers

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