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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

The new Besatree video, "Symptoms" shot by EXSR of PLAYMKRS, is crazy and dark and raw and great in my opinion. The last couple Besatree projects, if my herb-addled brain recalls correctly, were getting increasingly polished and electronic as I noticed a lot of dudes that self-produce/engineer/songwrite/perform can get into modes like that, Notiz Yong comes to mind like around the time he did the record with Avant Garde I think, where there's a very shiny clean electronic cocoon that the project exists within...and it's really good and profesh sounding in particular but it's a certain lane if that make sense. In the case of a cat like Besatree, you know he has this punk rock background as well as boom-bap credentials it doesn't surprise me that much that he comes back with a grimy piece of addiction themed depression-trap.

" doctor would tell me that I'm sick/ I always respond with 'No shit' "

If I'm being fair or honest, which I guess I'm technically under obligation to do, it's still really professionally done polished work but it gives the impression of dirtiness- by design. Tree either naturally or intentionally (or both) came to the point where he wanted to come back with a sound that contrasted that recent work that I'm thinking about. It's effective in its moodiness musically and visually. His double-time flow is a little in-character druggy but it's also clearly more seasoned than when we last heard it, he's been doing his rap push-ups. A fantastic comeback for an artist I tend to dig the work of, look for his new releases every 2 weeks for the foreseeable future at

ristan "Tanjint Wiggy" Acker is a staff writer for Zus Entertainment, a Jooseboxx and Untapped Hip-Hop contributor, and member of the Inland Empire, California based nerdcore hip-hop group the West Coast Avengers

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